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this is for you book worms

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hey have you ever read ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT

if so can you give me a little summery on it :dthumb:
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Do your own homework or go buy the Cliff Notes. :lol:
bulldogdefensivetacl said:
hey i will go buy the cliff note if i have to but it is currently 830 and i have to turn in a report tomarow lol nothing like doin it the last mintute

Guess you better get off the internet and do some work, huh?
bulldog said:
okay how about the novel :

Dude! Didn't you learn your lesson the FIRST time?? READ THE BOOK!!! :lol: And reading the book and writing a summary WILL help you later in life. It improves comprehension skills, which you OBVIOUSLY need to improve because you sure as hell didn't comprehend what we were telling you when you started this thread. :D
It's homework, it's not supposed to be fun. But if you insist on me helping you, then here goes:

It has some characters in it and they do things and talk to each other.
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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