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this is for you book worms

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hey have you ever read ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT

if so can you give me a little summery on it :dthumb:
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bulldog said:
i thought we were cool?? :lol: that was good :dthumb:
Go study!or Ill tell your mother. :lol:
I started to read and then I realized I don't like to read so I got rid of that biotch foo

I always hated english until my last year or so of college till it got good, a good professor and stuff your into will make it easier... and the smartest ppl youll ever meet dont watch TV alot and do a ton of gaming... they read A LOT... like 3 novels a week.

And as far as all Quiet on the western front, to long to rememeber it but it could be worse , IT COULD BE A JANE AUSTIN BOOK
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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