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thread trouble-

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so when i post in a thread, that post and any after are nolonger viewable to me. i see things go 3 pages long but i cant view anything after the post before i posted. Anyone else have this prob? If an admin can run through things for me id appreciate it.

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Log out...

Clear your cookies

Clear your temp internet files

Log in

and let us know!
JK... not sure... most of the problems are fixed as I said before.

I checked your account.. I don't see anything wrong... the only thing that stuck out was your thread display mode... you have it on hybrid... put it on Linear Oldest first

Let me know if that helps...
Well we'll have to see if it works...
That still didn't work.. :wtf:
Well somebody changed it... I looked up his name and it was changed... must have been Shan!!!

1 - 5 of 32 Posts
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