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thread trouble-

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so when i post in a thread, that post and any after are nolonger viewable to me. i see things go 3 pages long but i cant view anything after the post before i posted. Anyone else have this prob? If an admin can run through things for me id appreciate it.

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ebbs15 said:
no I dont' have this problem... have you tried emptying your cookies, temp internet files, and history? might be a bug in the cookies... dunno
I don't know why we're replying. He can't see them. :lol:
JK_DILLA said:
tried all that twice, no dice... and i can see yall, it just takes more effort.
more effort? your connection running really slow or what?
JK_DILLA said:
no, i have to click on the recent posts of the last poster and go from there. So if im in a thread once, its a nuisance to go back :lol:
:scratch: click the Log Out button on the top left. Then restart the computer. Do you have Adaware or spybot on your computer...if so run that. Delete your cookies, then restart your computer again. Then log back in to TWF and hopefully it will work for ya.
:iagree: with ebbs. Check it out on another computer to see if the problem still exhist.
and by the way you're not quite up there in :whore: for twf to phase you out just that guy on here Gas Man or something like that:whistle: he's the one that needs to be phased out...he's takeing all the server space with his 19,000 some post!!!:lol:
1 - 5 of 32 Posts
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