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Tinted SHield?

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should i or not? how is it at night?
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bumblebee said:
Hey I was looking at another forum and somebody posted this website...It looks like a product that deserves a try...Check it out...It could be your answer.
nice little video of a lap around the track on that site.... :dthumb:
Gas Man said:
Sunglasses man with a clear shield!! Way easier!!
I agree.
Gas Man said:
That's good I suppose but it looks alot like something you'd see a guy riding a BMW wearing?? :skep:
I know this isn't a problem for you...but this winter riding I do is really tough looking into the setting sun around 4-6pm here...I have two helmets, one with clear and 1 tinted, but this is a viable option, for those with only 1 lid, who are trying to get out before june 1st... :lol:
I have clear and mirrored and being quick change it does me fine. ANyone ever use yellow? I know they sell them, has anyone ever used one?
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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