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tire flat

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i ran somthin over looked like a round nail with no point or neck to it just a lil pice of metal but i pulled it out and put the fix a flat in there rode about two miles like it said then put some air in it from the gas station

it was a hassel but oh well it will work for now

i need to get some dam tires
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FIX A FLAT!!!! Did you wake up without a BRAIN!!!!! :bash:

That is by far the worst stuff that was ever invented... you'd be better to ride on a flat tire and smoke the tire. Why? Because, you're tire is JUNK regardless... you CAN NOT fix a MC tire SAFELY!!!!!!!!

Bull this is by far the MOST SQUIDLY move you have ever did!!! Take that rim/tire off the bike and get it to a shop!! You have no choice but to buy a new tire and hope that the shop doesn't charge you a arm & leg to get that crap out of the rim.... or have them remove the old tire and YOU chissel that junk out of your rim!

Here's the problem.... FIX / F - UP - A - FLAT...puts air and and foam into your rim and tire. Then you drive on it and as the air sprays out of the hole it eventually pushes the foam thru the hole... plugging it. However, in the process that foam cakes onto the rim and the tire. Then it hardens. Ruining the tire!! Now you have to chissel/sand/ or whatever...REMOVE that stuff off the inside of the rim!!! If you don't, you will get severe wheel shake and it will be near impossible to balance the new tire on the rim!

Which tire was it? Front or rear?


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bulldog said:
im workin on the money !!! the friggen tires are like 100 a pice!!
Which tire is the bad one?
Good point Chev... my crash was a high side... and a mild one at that... and it sucked. The only thing that saved my ar se was my leather gear and the boys behind me not running me over!!! :dthumb:
Yeah and it was close...ask Rev and/or Dyno...
Didn't you say awhile ago that you needed a back tire anyway???
Bull, it's going to suck!

Oh, and don't forget... we get on your case cause we don't want to see you get hurt and wad up your bike!

But the guys at the shop will be talking about you for months...the problem is they may laugh at you... just be prepared...
Good point... don't tell them till after! Then say ya ya... I know but I had no choice I was stuck on the side of the road!! That will sound better!

There is only 1 problem!! He will have to ride it there! Maybe he needs to get a rear stand and remove the wheel himself!!! DAMMIT Kids making all this a pain!!! :rant:

Take the bike to them...SLOWLY! Have them remove the wheel and the tire them take the rim home, clean it and have them put on a new tire.

Or buy a rear stand...remove the wheel...take it to them...they remove the old take the rim home and clean it...take it back to them and have them put on a new tire... take the wheel home and put it back on the bike...

The last one might be a bit much for ya though...
Just ride it up there and take it easy!
Yeah what he said!!!
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