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tire flat

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i ran somthin over looked like a round nail with no point or neck to it just a lil pice of metal but i pulled it out and put the fix a flat in there rode about two miles like it said then put some air in it from the gas station

it was a hassel but oh well it will work for now

i need to get some dam tires
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Blow out are uncommon if you keep a check on tire pressure and a visual of the ware to look for slick spots and punctures.
Flats on the other hand do happen. If you check before you ride then you will know.
If it happens while you are ridding you can fell it at the start once you know your bike and pay attention to what its doing.
Gas Man said:
the boys behind me not running me over!!! :dthumb:
Allways a good thing! :wink:
If the s&!t has hardened, I doughty that they will even try to clean it.
If its still mostly liquid they probably will clean it for you. :skep:
Make sure you tell them it has it in it before they take it off or they may be real mad. :cursin:
That stuff stinks and is toxic.
Most will wear gloves to avoid skin contact.
That stuff will run a car wheel also. :cursin:
bulldog said:
oh ****!!!! i had got a bunch on my hand and just wiped it with a towel..... i am gonna die!!
:lol: Wash before you touch your self! Anywhere! :crazy: :lol:
zx636r said:
lol i can see the ppl at the shops faces now when you bring them a tire full of fix a flat. i personally would learn how to take the tire off yourself and just cut the tire off with a knife and clean it b4 you take it in. lol :here:
Easier said than done! :skep:
zx636r said:
True. plus he would have to get a bike stand, which is a good investment anyways.
One thing at a time! :wink:
bulldog said:
dang is it that stupid of a mistake !!!!????? now i dont whant to bring it to them!!! what should i do
Just take it to them and tell them before they take the tire off the rim.
Don't tell them before they start working on it or they might refuse. Doughtful if you buy a tire from them.
bulldog said:
well i have a auto teacher that might be able to help me out

should i have him do it if i can or do it professional
If he is willing and you feel comfortable with him doing it or telling you how to do it.
Taking the wheel off is the easy part.
Getting the tire off and on by hand is an art.
Works for me! :dthumb:
1 - 9 of 49 Posts
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