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tire flat

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i ran somthin over looked like a round nail with no point or neck to it just a lil pice of metal but i pulled it out and put the fix a flat in there rode about two miles like it said then put some air in it from the gas station

it was a hassel but oh well it will work for now

i need to get some dam tires
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put the cans in your truck... dont toss id rather use that in my truck then run it on the rim.....but dont use it on a bike, and your gonan have hours of fun to get it all cleaned up. But yeah get a new tire

As your tire wears low.. the rubber gets harder u get less traction on a worn tire... get rid of it and youll feel like its a new bike again with all theadded traction a new tire will give ya.
u wouldnt feel it first it would just blow... i dont htink it would cause a catastrophy, but make ya swerve a bit and leave ya stuck... neither option good for an rider... the swerving would be real bad for a enw rider and in a turn bad news for any rider.

Just get it changed and forget it.
1 - 2 of 49 Posts
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