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tire flat

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i ran somthin over looked like a round nail with no point or neck to it just a lil pice of metal but i pulled it out and put the fix a flat in there rode about two miles like it said then put some air in it from the gas station

it was a hassel but oh well it will work for now

i need to get some dam tires
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please bull say its your rear and not your front tire. please. if its your front i would not even move the thing.
Gas Man said:
Bull, it's going to suck!

Oh, and don't forget... we get on your case cause we don't want to see you get hurt and wad up your bike!

But the guys at the shop will be talking about you for months...the problem is they may laugh at you... just be prepared...
lol i can see the ppl at the shops faces now when you bring them a tire full of fix a flat. i personally would learn how to take the tire off yourself and just cut the tire off with a knife and clean it b4 you take it in. lol :here:
True. plus he would have to get a bike stand, which is a good investment anyways.
1 - 3 of 49 Posts
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