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Tire gauge question....

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How do you know if your tire gauge is accurate or not? I have 3 different ones at home (1 digital, 2 of the little silver pen type) and all 3 give me a different reading...I'm not horribly happy about that since I like to check my air every 2 days or so. I'd like to KNOW what my tire pressure is, for some odd reason :skep:

TIA, Everyone.
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Like someone posted above, use only one, and pay attention to your tires (not that street tires are really all that sensative to tire pressure changes as long as you're close). It will always be accurate in relation to itself.

Unless you buy a really nice guage and never jar it, they are never going to be accurate.

- Roach
twisty said:
Buy a quaity gauge and dont drop it. :lol:
Or, buy one of those nice liquid filled gauges and leave it in your trailer over the winter. :lol:

1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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