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Tires-- ppl who've tried many?

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im really thinking aobut giving a try to some ContiRoadAttack tires... ive never run sport/Touring tires..... but this year ill ride a LOT of miles so a SS tire just isnt worth chanigng on a Monthly basis for this summer.

Anyone know how it would compare to the BT020 bridgestone or a Avon AV46 ST or Metezelar Z6?
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I thought about buying an extra set of wheels for my CBR off ebay and putting touring tires on them, but I never followed up. I've also seen tests on sport tires, but never any on sport/touring. My library has Rider magazine going back for two years. I've seen their reviews for leathers, but never noticed any tire tests. I'm going there on Thursday, and I'll take a look.
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