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Anyone out there? TLR TLS what'cha got? :bike:
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Need4Speed750 said:
So I guess its true, when they saw, once you go TL, nothing else compares..huh ;)

Not sure if you can say nothing else compares, however, they are one hell-of a piece of machinery. I owned a 99 white and blue and loved how easy it was to get to one wheel. Very easy. I now have my GSXR750 now but I wouldn't mind getting another TL.
Need4Speed750 said:
So does anybody have an official word, or otherwise, as to why Suzuki stopped making the TL ? just curious, seems like a such a beast bike that you'd think they'd still be putting em out.

I looked it up on the internet and this is what I found. One review said this about both the L and the S series: "with both now considered as being dated and unfashionable...The TLs’ infamy and lack of appeal, especially the S version, put most bikers off going anywhere near them." WHAT!! As a past owner of a 1000R, I never thought of it as being unfashionable nor lack of appeal. Infact, if I could have found one that was for sell in my area, I would have gotten it instead of my GSXR I have now. I don't know who thought up that silly s*#t, but myself along with others I know that now and in the past owned them, never thought that. O well. :)

Incase anyone would like to read the whole review, here is the link to it:
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Note to manufacturer: The public should *not* be your test department!!![/QUOTE]

So True!!! :shock:
TLRider1971 Welcome and nice to have you here. :hi:
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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