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Anyone out there? TLR TLS what'cha got? :bike:
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Does it count if I know someone who has a TL1000?.. lol... he loves it, great wheelie action on that bike :D
thats some seriously nice wheels there!! way cool!!! :cheers:
Wait till TL1000 sees that... ;)
So I guess its true, when they saw, once you go TL, nothing else compares..huh ;)
So does anybody have an official word, or otherwise, as to why Suzuki stopped making the TL ? just curious, seems like a such a beast bike that you'd think they'd still be putting em out.
TLRider1971 said:
I have an 03' TL1000R. Absolutely love it. :hyper: I also have an SV650S but most days it sits in the garage ignored and unhappy that its not out in the local curves. :nonod:

welcome to TWF!! :thumbs: sweet ride!!!
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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