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To drag or not to drag...

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What does one do.. There are some drag races coming up. Ran in them last year, and am seriously considering again this year (on stock R1). The first one is in a few weeks. No problem so far. The next one is end of april. That is where the dilema kicks in..
My better half is due to drop our (2nd) son end of April. Do I do the considerate, chivalrous thing and stay home, or think, it's only a few hours in the evening, not much can happen, and if it does, she'll just have to keep her legs crossed for an hour or three til I get there? Not sure what to do, but need to sign up in the next few days..
Guess I should talk to her about it, and see how she feels about it (and then do what I want to do anyways????)
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I love to drag but if your wife is that close I wouldn't even thinking about going. Where I live, we have grudge nights every Wed. For me at least, it's a very simple decsion to make.:2cents:
Dude, you know she would probably:bash: your head if it happened when you were out on the bike. They say revenge is SO SWEET. A women spending a day at home with a crying kid and then comes that day once a month.....lets just say wouldnt like to be the bike nor you. Just:chill: for now.:luck:
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