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To pass or not to pass

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Good pass, badd pass! This sucks!
Bike Pass
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why dont those videos ever work!!????????

i even press the control z key also !!???? nothing works to let me watch it!!
Captain Morgan said:
What happens? Do you get an error, or does it just not load? What speed connection are you using?
idk speed but it loads okay speed but it has a lil white box with a X in it at the top right courner!!!!

everything does it now i cant view any of the films!!
Captain Morgan said:
Do you have windows media player on your comp? Is it recently updated? Oh, and when I said what speed, I was talking dial-up or broadband.
i have charter DSL (i think?)

where can i download it for free???
Captain Morgan said:
It's usually on your computer if you have a windows system. If not, then check the microsoft website and you should be able to download it there.
well my mom bought like a expensive comp and it has XP so shouldent i have it??
Gas Man said:
It's probably his mom's web nanny!!! :lol: :rofl:
furk you i am innocent
okay guy she knows less about computers then i do and i dont do anything i shouldent on this anyway

for real
1 - 6 of 22 Posts
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