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hey guys, just though i would let you know, todays Sacramento bee "Metro" section is abut the Vagos bike club and how they have been cought for drug trafficing, arms dealing, and accused of being the largest "outlaw bike gang" in sacramento.

the reason i am posting this is because the police are now coming after all bikers for these crimes.


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Here is the story...

Authorities clamp down on bikers

By Elizabeth Hume -- Bee Staff Writer
Published 2:15 am PST Wednesday, February 8, 2006
Story appeared in Metro section, Page B1

Members of Vagos Motorcycle Club and their associates are involved in at least three Sacramento Superior Court trials this month.
The prosecutions resulted from the most sweeping investigation of a California motorcycle club in recent years, authorities said. Vagos members have been accused of involvement in drugs sales, firearm violations, vehicle thefts and violence.

Three investigations led by the California Department of Justice and the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department since 2004 have led to the arrests of more than 20 of the club's members and 38 associates, authorities said. The District Attorney's Office has secured 31 convictions.
"I don't know of many cases where this many gang members have been taken off at one time," said Supervising Deputy District Attorney Dale Kitching, who prosecuted many of the cases.

William Edward Stratton, a Northern California Vagos leader, appeared in court Tuesday.

Stratton, 60, was arrested on suspicion of being a convicted felon in possession of an illegal firearm and ammunition and participation in a criminal street gang. He is being held in the Sacramento County jail in lieu of $1 million bail.

A trial for an alleged murder-for-hire plot involving the the motorcycle club is set to begin later this month. The murder never occurred, but the target of the alleged plot also faces court proceedings this month on allegations of sales and distribution of drugs and firearms.

Meanwhile, a trial involving a former California Department of Corrections computer security analyst suspected of assisting the Vagos will start later this month or in early March.

Vagos members say they are the victims of a "modern-day witch hunt." They insist the club is a social group and not the organized criminal network described by law enforcement officials.

"Motorcycle clubs are about as American as apple pie," said James Cross, 34, former president of the Placer County Vagos. "It's about riding motorcycles together. Spending time as a family, a pack, a club, a tribe."

Cross, another Vagos member and a prospective club member are accused of conspiring to kill Jason Jordan, a fellow member. Cross said he is not guilty.

"The club frowns on criminal activity," Cross said in an interview in the Sacramento County jail, where he awaits trial. "The moment I was arrested, (club members) turned their back on me."

Vagos members favor the color green and their logo features Loki, the Norse god of mischief.

The club has a strict hierarchy with chapters, presidents and officers, said Sacramento County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Scott Kolb, a lead investigator in the latest cases.

Cross joined the Vagos about seven years ago after his marriage broke up. He said he needed camaraderie and found brotherhood in the motorcycle club.

He said his grandfather, Marrion Pyle, owned Orangevale Motorcycle Center and was an honorary member of the Dirt Diggers North Motorcycle Club.

Cross said he joined the Vagos through a friend in Southern California and brought the club's concept north, founding a chapter near Sacramento about six years ago.

That coincided with a period of expansion by the club. Police authorities estimate there are more than 50 Vagos members in the Sacramento area.

"In the Sacramento area, they are the largest outlaw motorcycle gang, as far as members are concerned," said Mike Hudson, special agent supervisor with the California Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement. "I'm not saying that every one of their members is a criminal, but what I will say is that their organization is a criminal organization and every one of those members belong to a criminal organization."

Cross conceded that the growth created problems.

Undesirables have joined the ranks, he said.

"They don't scrutinize their membership enough," Cross said. "There's a huge turnover rate. They're not organized and the management is poor."

Successful prosecutions of Vagos members have allowed authorities to seek enhanced penalties under legal provisions designed to stop organized street gangs. The enhancement can increase sentences for convicted members.

Vagos bylaws prohibit anyone with a criminal street gang conviction from associating with the club, authorities say.

Accordingly, Vagos members are quick to argue against being prosecuted as criminal street gang members.

"It's stereotyping," Cross said, "guilt by association."

Prosecutors said the evidence is clear. Three investigations of the Vagos since 2004 have resulted in the confiscation of 32 pounds of methamphetamine, 100 pounds of marijuana, $5,000 worth of steroids, $220,000 in currency, 107 firearms, 20,000 rounds of ammunition, 20 Harley-Davidson motorcycles, 11 vehicles, two boats and a motor home.

Cross said he is looking forward to his trial. He pulled out photographs of his new wife - whom he married about a year ago while in jail - her 4-year-old daughter and their two dogs.

He said he has no desire to rejoin a motorcycle club.

"I cannot afford to ever put myself in this position again," Cross said.

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anyone catch the HD rides that were jacked, arent most (all) of us here sportbikes? expt. king :whore:

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I just moved out of that area... one of my friends had his bike (03SV650) jacked down there... and they said they thought it was tied to a bikergang but wouldn't say who... but they found the frame... that's it... trying to be sold about three months ago... his insurance had replaced it with a 05 SV650s by then anyways... but dang I didn't think that it was that big... crazy:yikes:

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You guys get a lot of probs like that being in biker clubs? Even sportsbikes (who dont quite have the hells angels type of stereotyping - big, bad, and not quite beautiful)?
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