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Too Many Omens in one day and we still rode

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Me and a guy friend of mines decided we wanted to ride to the TWT at cyclegear yesturday...

Well we met up and on the way to his house ..following this cager and he was going about 15mph in a 45mph zone.. it was one lane and traffic was heavy so we couldnt pass him. My buddy is right on his ass reving the throttle LOL next thing ya know they guy slams on his brake and THEN turns his turn signal on WTF my buddy swerved and almost drove onto a yard.

The coming into his neighborhood... this asshat making the same right turn we were stops in the middle of the turn to talk to a car coming out of the street...we are like WTF you dumb azz!!

Riding down the street these little kids playing around we ride slow all of a sudden a basketball starts rolling across the street..missed it about almost an inch...

We get to his house and he gets his leather jacket on and we head to the stunt show...

This B1tch in an SUV talking on her damn cell phone decides to change lanes on a 2 lane highway when we are right next to her crusing. WTF!!!!

We swerve into the emergency lane and power out.. I wish I had a trailor hitch at the time... to smash her window so she can see us better...

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Yeah I look at it this way...

Everybody out there is going to hit me... never let your gaurd down. They will hit and kill you!
Yeah no crap! Or kick somebodies arse!
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