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BOCA RATON, Fla. -- A California man on vacation in South Florida landed a 12-foot long, 700-pound Mako shark off Boca Raton Wednesday morning.

Greg Hirst was on a charter boat about 15 miles off Boca Raton when he hooked the big shark.

"My wife tells me to go ahead and hum the song of 'Jaws' because we hadn't gotten a fish yet for me," Hirst said. "Not more than three or four seconds after I did the bars to it … it hit."

Hirst said he fought the shark for about three hours. When he got it near the boat, it took the rest of the crew to kill it.

"We used like at least 10 gaffs, two harpoons. He broke two gaffs. It was just crazy. We couldn't get him on the boat cause it was so big," one crewmember said.

Hirst said he'll freight the shark back to California and have it mounted.
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