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Here we go again on 2006.
Dust off your bikes get your gear out and your calendar in front of you, TPBRA looks very promissing for 06' we got a couple of new Tracks for this season and all the great tracks from last year.

Race #1 Iron Rock Raceway Austin, TX
Sun March 12th

Race #2 Kart Runco San Antoino, TX
Sunday April 9th

Race #3 Rim Rock Raceway Midland/ Odessa, TX
Sunday May 21st

Race #4 Iron Rock Raceway Austin, TX
Sunday June 4th

Race #5 Sleepy Hollow Speedway Lubbock, TX
Sunday July TBD

Race #6 TBD
Sunday August TBD (it's more like it's a surprise )

Race #7 Kart Runco San Antonio, TX
Sunday Sept. 24th

Race #8 Oklahoma Motorsports Complex, OK
Sunday Oct. 29th

A few changes to the rules and classes. Weight limits will be in effect for senior classes.

Basically the classes break down like this.
Budget - Cags/blata 2.5/4.2
Production- 6.2 (Juniors only)
Super Production- 7.5 hp or greater
40cc open
50cc open
Pitbike - like crf50's (not a points class)
Thumper - up to 125cc 4stroke motards/shifters (not a points class)

As always if there are enough of any bike we will run it.
check out for complete details.

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:welcome: to TWF stuart929

PB's are cool. I think most of us have at least one. They are a blast to play on but, other than friendly parking lot races. I have never competed with mine. I'm glad you guys have these events and wish we had more in my area.

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ninjarider said:
Hi, my name is Beth and I'm new to this site and I was wondering if you knew of any info on where races are held and when, or who I could get ahold of for that info? Thank you!
:welcome: to TWF
Check your local shops. Especially the ones that sale the PB's
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