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This seems like a winner to me; lets see if it functions as well as it is cool...

Bazzaz Fuel Control Unit

* Comes complete with a specific application harness, using OEM connectors for easy plug-and-play installation.
* Preprogrammed with maps for stock and slip-on exhaust.
* USB II computer interface with easy-to-use software for tuning.
* Gear dependent fuel trims.
* Runs all 8 injectors on models with shower head injectors.
* Closed-loop, self-tuning capabilities with optional Z-AFM kit.
* For closed course competition use only.
* Stores 2 maps that are switchable "on-the-fly."
* Optional Features include: Z-FI QS (Quick Shifter), Z-FI TC (Quick Shifter and Traction Control), and Z-AFM (Air/Fuel Module)

Traction Control Module

* Same features as the Z-FI QS system, except for the added Traction Control capabilities.
* Fully legal in all classes of AMA Roadracing including Superstock and Supersport.
* User adjustable by RPM, throttle and gear position for optimal performance.
* Optional 11 position TC Adjust Switch allows for simple on-the-fly tuning of the TC settings.
* Kit comes complete with control unit, all needed harnesses, shift switch and adapter rod.
* TC systems are available in either standard or reverse shifting configurations.

Quick Shifter Module

* Packaged as 1 complete unit (Z-FI controller, harness, shift switch and adapter rod)
* Shares the same features as the Z-FI controller except for the added Quick Shift capability
* Uses patent pending, QCK ignition cut for smooth, clutch-less up-shifting
* User-adjustable, gear-dependent kill times for optimal shifting in all gears
* Updated shift switch and application-specific adapter rods
* Shift kits are available in either standard or reverse shifting configurations

Air/Fuel Module

* Closed loop self mapping kit for use with any of the Z-FI kits (Z-FI, Z-FI QS, or Z-FI TC).
* Plugs into existing Z-FI units and allows the Z-FI to self tune your bike while you ride.
* Enables the motor to achieve optimal performance all the time without the time or cost of a custom dyno-tuning.
* Kit comes complete with air/fuel sensor, amplifier box and all necessary harnesses.
* Requires bung (available separately if your exhaust doesn't have one)
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