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Transporting a motorcycle

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Hey ya'll, i have a question. I just bought a kawa 250 from someone in Baltimore. I want to transport it to NY where I live. I wanted to put it on a trailer, but uhaul doesn't allow you to use one out of state, plus I don't have a hitch. I don't have a pick-up, nor do I know anyone who would let me borrow theres. I was told that I should strap it in a uhaul truck, but they want $350 to rent a truck one way. Has anyone ever used an inventive (and cheaper) way to transport their bikes?
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I usually use two tie downs. Load the bike front end up against the cab. Hook one end of the tie down to the tripple tree and another to the truck bed anchor (the anchor at the front of the bed). Do the same to the other side. Tighten them bitches tight and the bike won't move.
It's the part your shocks go in up by the handle bars.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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