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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- He was waving to Channel 4's Adam Landau late Wednesday afternoon, but minutes earlier he was dangling in the air. A tree service employee got stuck more than 40 feet up a tree in Arlington.

Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department personnel help a tree trimmer down after he gets stuck 40 feet in the air.

The man was part of a crew that was trying to take the tree down when he slipped and got stuck.

"The rope gets around the guy's arm and it pulls," said co-worker Byron Mathews. "As our boss is pulling with the tractor, he's not knowing that the rope is pulling him (the man in the tree)."

Neighbors said they could hear the man screaming for help, but because he was so high in the air, they weren't sure where he was.

"I heard somebody yelling, 'Help me! Help me! I can't move my arm. I can't move my arm,'" said neighbor Paulette Gibson. "I guess because he was so high up in the tree that the whole neighborhood could hear."

The man was stuck for more than 25 minutes before Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department personnel arrived.

"He was 40 feet in the air and the ladder he was using was only about 25 feet," said Gibson. "So I knew immediately that these guys were trying to get him down. There was no way…he was going to get down by himself. He was definitely going to have to have help."
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