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Trojan Race bike, just finished painting

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There is no Trojan Race bike, it started out as a joke. I had a guy who drove all the way up to my place from the city, almost 5 hours to drop off his bike and go over some paint schemes for his bike, it had been totaled by his friend who panicked when he gave it the gas, the bike flipped over and smashed it all to pieces, He had to replace the front forks, his friend bought him a new tank and replaced some of the more damaged panels with ones from ebay,

He wanted something different, he was not sure what, we had spend about 1/2 hour going over different ideas. We had come to no real decision about what he wanted, I finally asked him what he was into, he is a young professional and I figure if he was into a sports team or a hobbies we could Tailor the bike to what he liked, as an example I mentioned Trojan, they have a cool logo and they should have a race team but don't. I just used it as an example. He headed back to the city with the idea that he would think of some type of product that he like that he would like to duplicate, he mentioned a power drink something 69 which I never heard of and IPod which I never heard of, "Not easy being an old guy sometimes." He called me a few days later, he wanted to do the Trojan bike, He basically did all of the design work on how big and the location of the paint work, the large letters and Trojan head are all done in paint, the base color matched his helmet,

This is what we ended up with
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Sweet looking bike and nice paint job. :dthumb:
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