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truth about ricers

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Yep... 9:47am EST and still no worky!!! :damn:

Try to host it!
I like the vid!

I really like the part where he talks about the cars like... "hey man I think we just got passed by a weedwacker!"

Too funny!


I have my own issues with the kids that put like 10G's into a 2000 Cavalier! Come on!! Its a Cavelier! Give me a break!
jeeps84 said:
Come on now. You know you would love to show up some top end cars with a Cavalier.
Yeah I don't think so... I don't get some of the cars in the "ricer" scene!
pickle.of.doom said:
I see it more as these kids are just trying to make the best out of what they have... I know I drove escorts, and I tried to pimp my escorts out as much as I possibly could!
Well ya but when you're 25, with a ok job and dumping all kinds of stupid money into the escort instead of into something good like their house or getting out of mom&dads or a apt!
1 - 4 of 34 Posts
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