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truth about ricers

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All I get is
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:here: Hey, It worked. :dthumb: Actually owning a fast 4 banger ricer.(WRX STi) I find it very funny how kids think that a loud muffler and a wing gives the car an extra 100 hp. :crazy: :lol:
twisty said:
And the those "Aint scared" stickers add another 50hp....
That's only on the mudders around here. :lol:
FireNIce and I are looking forward to the spring when the auto cross starts. :tt: I know we will be comparing lap times. :help: The only complaint I have with the car is it rides like a go-cart but it drive like one also :wink: and its very loud on road noise. It is a true sports car with a useable back seat.
I think the Z is a little faster but as far as the corners. I think that's the car.
snadamo said:
yea Im somewhat torn between the 2. Overall Cost (insurance, etc) will play a major role in this too.
I don't know for sure but I bet the STi would be cheaper on insurance. It does have 4 doors and a back seat
Gas Man said:
I have my own issues with the kids that put like 10G's into a 2000 Cavalier! Come on!! Its a Cavelier! Give me a break!
Come on now. You know you would love to show up some top end cars with a Cavalier.
Gas Man said:
Yeah I don't think so... I don't get some of the cars in the "ricer" scene!
I know. I don't either. Most are all show, sound and no go.:disapp:
pickle.of.doom said:
I see it more as these kids are just trying to make the best out of what they have... I know I drove escorts, and I tried to pimp my escorts out as much as I possibly could!
Ok I sort of agree.
One of my first cars was a 78 Monza with factory 262 V8 (a V6 with two extra pistons) That car got a Ford 9 rear, shift kit, stall converter and a rebuilt 327. I later tinted the windows and added stock 2+2 mag wheels. It still had the rattle can primer that I put on it when I bought it till after it was sold. I want a car to go fast first and worried about looks second.
1 - 9 of 34 Posts
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