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truth about ricers

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AZIROC said:
try in the morning.. im sure this is getting sent all over the net.

still no go at 7:30 am AZ time
AZIROC said:
yea, i just tried as well. still waint working... if i cant host this, ill post a link after i wake up (work 3rd shift)
:dthumb: take your time I just got into work!
jeeps84 said:
:here: Hey, It worked. :dthumb: Actually owning a fast 4 banger ricer.(WRX STi) I find it very funny how kids think that a loud muffler and a wing gives the car an extra 100 hp. :crazy: :lol:
that video was funny as ****!!! :lol: :lol:

I made the mistake of putting a loud catback exhaust on the prelude...its really annoying anymore and it hands so damn low you scrape the can on big speedbumps. BTW my car is stock height.

its definitely time for a new car soon. how do you like the STi jeeps? I have been :drool: over that car for a looong time now (I am going to keep that thing stock though I learned my lesson with the prelude)
FireNIce said:
The STi is actually mine. I absolutely love it. Its as fast as any V8 we have owned except the Vette. I never really considered a 4 door car till he told me how fast and how well it handled. I was actually looking for an Escalade when he showed me the STi's.

I have driven an 03 WRX but not an STi before. The WRX was quite roomy for a little japanese car, compared to my honda. Myself and the little lady were very impressed. I have been in love with the Impreza WRX since the Gran Turismo days on playstation one. I think the new STi's the "no giant wing" option, and I plan to do it that way. That just screams "pull me over officer!" 'round here! :lol:

I was also looking at 350z and G35 or just a nice pickup. This all can depend on insurance rates though. sorry to :jacked: a little.
jeeps84 said:
FireNIce and I are looking forward to the spring when the auto cross starts. :tt: I know we will be comparing lap times. :help: The only complaint I have with the car is it rides like a go-cart but it drive like one also :wink: and its very loud on road noise. It is a true sports car with a useable back seat.

damn, now I wanna go test drive one... :lol:

suprisingly the woman really likes the STi too (she could care less about cars). I was shocked. I figured it was a sign :lol:

FireNIce said:
My girl friend has a new Z and loves it but she cant hang with me in the corners. I don't know if its her or the car.
Ill have to do some research between the 2 to see...
jeeps84 said:
I think the Z is a little faster but as far as the corners. I think that's the car.

yea Im somewhat torn between the 2. Overall Cost (insurance, etc) will play a major role in this too.
jeeps84 said:
I don't know for sure but I bet the STi would be cheaper on insurance. It does have 4 doors and a back seat
true but the turbo probably shoots the $$$ up

the Z is N/A V6 though, so I dont know
Gas Man said:
Well ya but when you're 25, with a ok job and dumping all kinds of stupid money into the escort instead of into something good like their house or getting out of mom&dads or a apt!

:withstupi I was making that mistake. I could have moved out a year earlier if I didnt "pimp" out the prelude...
1 - 8 of 34 Posts
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