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Turbo R1 Tank cam

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clickity click

It's in kilometers, but still, he's catching every gear!
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04gixxer750 said:
is that power or is that bike real light in the front? my gsxr 750 doesnt seem to have anywhere near enough power to loft in 4th or 5th. or maybe i just havent gotten to that level yet. oh, for those of you that know, right now my 04 750 is stock with a yoshi slip on and the dealer is telling me to get the fuel remapped?? or something like that?? what does it do and is it worth the few hundred bux?

thx, jason
Well, do you understand timing on older cars with a distributor? If so, then you know that you need to set the "curve" of the timing so that the car is getting optimum timing at the optimum point. Fuel injection on cars and bikes is the same way, it needs to be set up for optimum performance. The factory does not set the fuel "map" up to provide optimum fuel for max performance or power. This is what the dealer is telling you to do when he says to "remap" the fuel. The re-mapping process is telling the computer how much fuel to put to the motor and exactly when it should put that fuel to the motor. However, if you do this, you will most likely lose some gas mileage. Also, it's possible that the remapping may get rid of some of the "on-off" throttle response of the bike and smooth the response. So, you have to ask yourself the question, "what exactly do I want out of my bike?"
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