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turn signals not working

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I bought a 94 gsxr750 a couple of weeks ago I have noticed that the turn signals do not work properly otherwise they do not flash when you turn the turn signal on they are solid there is no flashing. I did put new turn signals on the bike because they did not have any to begin with. I followed the wiring diagram so I know that these are the correct wires left side black(positive) Black w/ white tracer (neg) Right side Light green (positve) Black w/ white tracer (neg). I did put a new turn signal relay in I thought it was the problem.
I hope someone can help me out. Thanks flipmo
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First welcome to TWF. Second, you came to the right place looking for answers.

Now you say it didn't have turn signals? Was the bike set up for the track? Did You have to run the whole wiring?
Test the wires to see if your getting any juice through them.
zx636r said:
try switching positives with neg. see if it works. maybe you switch is bad.

Good call. :dthumb:
Let us know how it goes Flip. :dthumb:
Hope that helps. :dthumb:
I have a electronics degree, so yes I have heard of a diode before.
If it is bad...yes.
I used to let mine idle at around 900 to 1100 rpm's.
1 - 8 of 68 Posts
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