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turn signals not working

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I bought a 94 gsxr750 a couple of weeks ago I have noticed that the turn signals do not work properly otherwise they do not flash when you turn the turn signal on they are solid there is no flashing. I did put new turn signals on the bike because they did not have any to begin with. I followed the wiring diagram so I know that these are the correct wires left side black(positive) Black w/ white tracer (neg) Right side Light green (positve) Black w/ white tracer (neg). I did put a new turn signal relay in I thought it was the problem.
I hope someone can help me out. Thanks flipmo
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Don't be mad but, did you check the bulbs? That's the way it acts when you have a blown bulb on one end!
If the bulb is good check the socket its self. Ground on the rime and hot on the pin in the middle.
Gas Man said:

Take the bike to a parking lot with a brick wall....

Park the bike in front of the wall with the front end facing it...

About 25' away!

Get off the bike

With it in gear,

Kickstand up,

Clutch in...

Rev it 8K





That would fix your on going problem with the Kawi too.:whistle: :lol:
Gas Man said:
:confused: I'm not sure what you're talking about? :confused:

Fixing that lose nut between the bars and seat.
Then you would have a chance to get a real bike.j/k :wink: :jacked: :lol:
:luck: with the signals. I don't think it could be the switch because it just supplies the power. (no pulse)
Just out of curiosity did you try to bypass the switch? (straight wire)
zx636r said:
do they blink at all when you turn them on. like steady light and then blinking steady light???
Yea, look closely!
Do they blink so fast they look like they are on solid?
Gas Man said:
What ever became of this???

Also, did you try to change out your blinker fluid?
I have a special formula for the led's. :lol:
I use home made concockction. Its full synthetic :lol:
flipmo said:
I went out to the shop and tinkled around on the bike
:rofl3: :twfrox:
Glad you found the problem! :dthumb:
I didn't know tinkling on and around the bike would help. :rofl3: :sorry:
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