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turn signals not working

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I bought a 94 gsxr750 a couple of weeks ago I have noticed that the turn signals do not work properly otherwise they do not flash when you turn the turn signal on they are solid there is no flashing. I did put new turn signals on the bike because they did not have any to begin with. I followed the wiring diagram so I know that these are the correct wires left side black(positive) Black w/ white tracer (neg) Right side Light green (positve) Black w/ white tracer (neg). I did put a new turn signal relay in I thought it was the problem.
I hope someone can help me out. Thanks flipmo
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did you check the fuse. ??
try switching positives with neg. see if it works. maybe you switch is bad.
ahhh haaa are they led lights???????????????????????????????????????????????
cause if they are led they can possible just stay on steady when you turn on the signal and not blink at all. if they are led they will have led lights and yo will be able to tell, they will ahve multiple bulbs in them.
with led lights you need resistors or they blink too fast or just stay on period.
do they not give any light at all? or are they steady on and wont flash?
ah ha this will hopefully be and easy problem fix. your risistor is screwed. signals have a thingy that gets hot and breaks liek a fuse almost and then goes back and then breaks, thats where you get ur blinking from. i would just buy risistor and put them on, you can get them for liek 10-20 bucks, this should solve you problem. you can try these, or try to find wehre the original ones are and replace them. 2 resistor run the whol think 1 for each side.
buy a manual on ebay. they come on cd for like 5 bucks shipped.
you got it. this should def be the problem. if anyone else disagrees let him know. but this should be it. its the only reason the light would stay on .
stealerships sometimes i dont think they know anything, the lights just dont blink by themselfs. lol. there is a resistor or maybe its called a relay. it might actually be in the fuse box, one of thos large black things. check it out. keep us updated. i will be getting my manual for my bike also so i will look when i get it to see what the stockones look like. but there has to be a type of relay or risistor casue the lights dont just blink on magic.
what all signals did you replace?
im gonna say that is it. 3 prongs. 1 neg. 1 pos going in to flasher and 1 pos coming back out. but i could be wrong. but damit i know im right on this one. it is some sort of flasher thingy macallit that is casueing this. if you have it wired right.
mine is supose to idle at 1250rpm give or take a hundred.

let us know if your signals are fixed.

any hey atleast us kawi riders have to intentionaly ride our bikes into walls, all the gixxer and yami riders seem to hit them withough trying it. humm must be caseu the bikes suck and dont want to live anymore. lol
do they blink at all when you turn them on. like steady light and then blinking steady light???
SEE i told u i was right on this one. right b4 this thread started i redid all of my 8 turn signals on my bike, and left none of the stock ones one.

lets give it up for zx636R. i actually contributed to fixing a problem. lol
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