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turn signals not working

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I bought a 94 gsxr750 a couple of weeks ago I have noticed that the turn signals do not work properly otherwise they do not flash when you turn the turn signal on they are solid there is no flashing. I did put new turn signals on the bike because they did not have any to begin with. I followed the wiring diagram so I know that these are the correct wires left side black(positive) Black w/ white tracer (neg) Right side Light green (positve) Black w/ white tracer (neg). I did put a new turn signal relay in I thought it was the problem.
I hope someone can help me out. Thanks flipmo
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No it was not set up for the track the guy that I bought it from just didn't put the turn signal back on after he painted the bike and the wires were cut and right were they should be leftside rightside and rear they just don't flash.
I did check the fuse and its ok but I did replace it any way I am getting juice through the wires. It sucks I just can't figure it out.
if you cross the wires it just shorts it out.
the bulbs work because they come on they just don't flash I put new lockhart phillips turn signals on the rear and flush mounts in the front.
I dont think so The rear are short stem turn signals and the front and flush mount turn signal light why do you ask?
I know what led is and I dont have them I just have simple ol turn signals that will not flash
They are steady on and will not flash
Thanks for that info now all I have to do is find it you have any ideas
thanks for the help.
thanks flipmo
I checked with the dealership today and they said there is no resister in the wire and that I have my wires mixed up I told them that my wires are not mixed and that I did follow the owners manuel diagrams and they said bring it in but I really don't feel like taking it to them. On the wiring diagram It doesnt say anything about a flasher all it shows is a turn signal relay I guess Ill tear the fearings off again tonight and try some more. If you guys think of something please let me know. Thanks flipmo
Yeh there is a relay and I changed it I though that was the problem but its not Im going to check out the wiring again tonight Ill keep you guys informed in the meantime if you have any ideas or onfo let me know. Thanks guys flip
Hi guys I took my tank and feirens off today and followed the wires to extreme and it led me to a fuse like 3 prong thing. On the wiring diagram its called a signal generater I have no clue so I took it out and I'm going to take it to the dealership tomorrow to see what it is. Its worth a try I guess have you ever heard of this.
Thanks flipmo
Hi guys I took that piece to the dealership today and they pulled up the wiring harness and we found thet peice on the harness and matched it up with there parts list and it is called a DIODE. I ordered the piece hoping it will solve the problem so lets see. Have you guys ever heard of this before.Thanks flip
Would it have anything to do with my signals you think
I was messing with my idle today do you know what rpms my idle should be set at .Thanks flip
I have it set at about 1000 rpms now I guess thats good. Thanks for all the help guys Ill let you know about the turn signal asap. Thanks again flip
LoL Yeah thats a fix ok. I'm about to say hell with turn signals. But Ill keep the wall idea a thought. Thanks guys flip
Whats up guys well I got the diode in and put it in and it did not do anything different. My turn signals are still solid and do not flash the only other and final thing that I can think of is the switch itself. But I don't know. Though Id let you guys know so if you do think of anything besides crashing my bike into a wall let me know thanks guys.
Signal relay DONE Diode DONE wiring DONE any questions or idea NEEDED
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