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turn signals not working

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I bought a 94 gsxr750 a couple of weeks ago I have noticed that the turn signals do not work properly otherwise they do not flash when you turn the turn signal on they are solid there is no flashing. I did put new turn signals on the bike because they did not have any to begin with. I followed the wiring diagram so I know that these are the correct wires left side black(positive) Black w/ white tracer (neg) Right side Light green (positve) Black w/ white tracer (neg). I did put a new turn signal relay in I thought it was the problem.
I hope someone can help me out. Thanks flipmo
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Yeah I had to switch mine out to synthetic when I put LED's in the front and rear!! :D
I use home made concockction. Its full synthetic :lol:
Sweet!!! :dthumb:
I thought that I would let you guys in on the turn signal update so you'll don't have to talk about LED oil. I didn't have nothing to do the other night so I went out to the shop and tinkled around on the bike in the process I pulled up the wiring harness layout on the pc and followed the wires like I did the many times and it led me to the turn signal relay again. So like before I knew this was a new relay and didn't worry about it. Again I checked all grounds and all wires like I have did many times before so this took me back to the relay were I removed it from the plug. I put a test light in the plug and I had power so I got an Idea. The relay acts like a flasher so lets hook a flasher up to it and see what happens. So I made some home made connections for the plug, hooked it up and BLINK BLINK they worked. The new turn signal relay doesn't work it must be a dud so I will be returning it to the delership tomorrow. Just wanted to let you guys know were I was with this.Thanks for all the help and all the smart ass comments. Flipmo
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i didnt help but any time you need somesmart ass answers, we are glad to help
Just like I said... a relay/or flasher...
flipmo said:
I went out to the shop and tinkled around on the bike
:rofl3: :twfrox:
Glad you found the problem! :dthumb:
I didn't know tinkling on and around the bike would help. :rofl3: :sorry:
SEE i told u i was right on this one. right b4 this thread started i redid all of my 8 turn signals on my bike, and left none of the stock ones one.

lets give it up for zx636R. i actually contributed to fixing a problem. lol
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