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TWF Frequently Asked Questions

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When did this site start?
June of 2004. The official launch coincided with the AMA races at Road Atlanta.

Who started this site?
ShanMan14 started this site to create a sportbike discussion site that was different from the rest. On other sites, too often discussions are brought down by personal attacks, profanity and nudity. This site was created to provide a family-friendly atmosphere for sportbike discussions and beyond.

Who pays for the operating costs?
TWF's operating costs are paid by our supporting vendors (through ad revenue), supporting member participants and from out of pocket $.

Who dictates content on TWF? What is allowed and what is not?
To promote a family friendly atmosphere, content related decisions are made by the moderator/administrator team. The decisions as to what is appropriate and what is not is based upon the mission statement set forth in June 2004 when the site began.

What is a Supporting Member?
Detailed information is available by clicking here:

If I become a supporting member, do I have a say in what is allowed and what is not?
As a Supporting Member of the site you will enjoy certain benefits: increased gallery uploads, attaching photos to posts, increased Private Messaging storage etc. Supporting Members also have access to a private forum, the "Steering Committee" forum. This is a place where site specific suggestions can be made.

It should be noted that any member of the site may make suggestions; in fact it's encouraged. Those suggestions will be taken into consideration, but the rules and etiquette guidelines are not dictated by anyone other than the administration/moderator team.

What are the rules and are where can I read them?
You can view them here:

What is your relationship with 2Wheel Tuner Magazine?, has a promotional partnership with 2Wheel Tuner. The partnership provides unique promotional outlets for both parties. hosts subscription specials, contests, and giveaways on its website on behalf of 2Wheel Tuner. 2Wheel Tuner provides online magazine content, a presence on the forum, products for contests and giveaways, and marketing opportunities within the magazine to

How do I advertise on
Please contact me via PM or email by clicking on "ShanMan14" above the avatar.
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