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Will you be attending the Gap Rally with TWF ?

TWF Gap Rally

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***Ive Updated this post since it was originally put up***

I know we had a thread about this a couple months ago, but we've added a ton of new members since then, and things have changed alot so I thought I'd put something up here as a sticky so we can reference it and keep all the info in the same place.

Right now the initial thoughts were to try and plan on going down to the gap the same time as WOS goes down May 28 - June 4th, to maximize the participation of as many as possible...However these days are not set in stone as of yet as far as TWF goes. So its open to suggestions to see if these dates work for everyone or not.

Be sure to post in here as soon as possible so we can get the dates officially set to give everybody time, since many of our places of employment allow us to put in for vacation near the beginning of the new year. We'll do our best to get everybody down there that we can.

Again, this thread is to gage the interest and see how many of us can attend. Shan will have the final say of course as to when we go down, but this will give us a good starting point to go by

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Here is the WOS info as they have it now, from Gas Man..

As Twisty eluded to...

At Nov's meeting WOS set the date for 2005's WOS GAP trip...

Schedule is this for the WOS/MI guys...

Sat May 28th will be Bike Loading Day
Sun May 29th WOS will pack up and head south
Mon May 30th to Fri June 3rd WOS will conquer the Dragon...
Sat June 4th WOS will load back up and head home

The trip back and forth is about 8hrs or so for us WOS/MI people.

The rest of the logistics will be figured out at a later date as we get closer.

Just wanted to get the dates out there so people can put in for vacation time!

Obviously, TWF guys are pretty much on their own for getting down there and all..but those are the dates!

As WOS sets up some logistics such as motels or whatever, we'll post up and let you guys in on it. So you guys can stay in the GAP close to WOS!!!
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Yeah what he said...or is it what I said!!! :skep: :crazy:

This is going to be the single best ride/trip you are going to get for 2005!

If you aren't at the WOS GAP trip than you are either stupid or slow! Let's get it together and as soon as more logistic info comes available we'll relay it here....

WOS is working on many things to ensure this trip is going to be off the hook! We're looking into things from renting a large house to renting out an entire hotel/motel!

We'll keep you advised! :dthumb:
Nope... I'll still be on my honeymoon when it starts...
I'm not sure yet, but I hope I can make it. I will do my best, but no promises until it gets closer to May. Luckily, I have a completely flexible schedule (unless there is some BIG emergency at work) so I don't have to put in vacation time. With the exception of hotel reservations, I could wait until May 29th to decide if I'm leaving. That's one thing I love about my job. So, for now, let's just say I plan on it, but won't know for sure until May.
Of course TWF will get us posted on where the group will stay and other itineries, correct??
Yea we will. I will be making the reservation in feb.
yeah, this is where you'll find all the info about the trip..who's going, where we can stay, travel plans, the whole 9.. :cool: so stay tuned...

Heres the hotel. I called today and if we prepay we can get it for 210 for the whole week.
twisty said:

Heres the hotel. I called today and if we prepay we can get it for 210 for the whole week.

ur talking about 210 for the whole week, per room right, double occupency ? just clarifying.. :cool:
let us know if / when you guys decide to set up reservations awhile at this place.
I had them hold 5 rooms...
do u know how many wos members are going down yet?
stevnmd said:
Nope... I'll still be on my honeymoon when it starts...
I am with you MD Steve. Not literally but I am getting married June 3 so no ahh ahh for me. Yeah right like I could see it - dear I will be gone all week riding the dragon and I will return the day of the wedding. No dice there. This also means that date will never be good for me - ever - not unless I want a divorce. So either count me out or start brainstorming some bs about barometric pressure or more likely alien abduction on that day of the year or something so I can talk her into pushing the wedding back a couple of weeks and then pray the hall, church, DJ, photographer, etc. etc. can all do the same. Otherwise have a good time.

If anyone is interested in another date to go to the gap I would entertain that idea as well. My cries fell on deaf ears at the WOS meeting last night because that is the "only" week that it isn't busy - hmm, ever consider the 2nd week of May? Nope. They won't either. The third week sure it is busy but according to the all knowing Twisty that is the ONLY good non-busy week at the Gap. Also the cheap fouckers "have" to get that extra day off which is Memorial Day - like it would kill them to take an extra vacation day. Whatever. Have fun. I have a crew in Nashville that I can hook up with of about 20 bikes to go over to the Gap pretty much anytime so I will probably just do that.
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not yet. At least 5 i hope and if we get this taken care of early we can all ways add more
do you guys normally do your own thing while ur down there, like a set schedule of when & where u ride, hang out, etc...or is it just kinda wing it and whatever happens, happens?
we ride during the day and party @ night...pretty simple
Did I mention the strip club is right down the street? 29 beautiful ladies and 1 ugly one...
twisty said:
Did I mention the strip club is right down the street? 29 beautiful ladies and 1 ugly one...

we'll leave the ugly one for Gas Man...
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