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Will you be attending the Gap Rally with TWF ?

TWF Gap Rally

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***Ive Updated this post since it was originally put up***

I know we had a thread about this a couple months ago, but we've added a ton of new members since then, and things have changed alot so I thought I'd put something up here as a sticky so we can reference it and keep all the info in the same place.

Right now the initial thoughts were to try and plan on going down to the gap the same time as WOS goes down May 28 - June 4th, to maximize the participation of as many as possible...However these days are not set in stone as of yet as far as TWF goes. So its open to suggestions to see if these dates work for everyone or not.

Be sure to post in here as soon as possible so we can get the dates officially set to give everybody time, since many of our places of employment allow us to put in for vacation near the beginning of the new year. We'll do our best to get everybody down there that we can.

Again, this thread is to gage the interest and see how many of us can attend. Shan will have the final say of course as to when we go down, but this will give us a good starting point to go by

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1 - 3 of 283 Posts
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