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Will you be attending the Gap Rally with TWF ?

TWF Gap Rally

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***Ive Updated this post since it was originally put up***

I know we had a thread about this a couple months ago, but we've added a ton of new members since then, and things have changed alot so I thought I'd put something up here as a sticky so we can reference it and keep all the info in the same place.

Right now the initial thoughts were to try and plan on going down to the gap the same time as WOS goes down May 28 - June 4th, to maximize the participation of as many as possible...However these days are not set in stone as of yet as far as TWF goes. So its open to suggestions to see if these dates work for everyone or not.

Be sure to post in here as soon as possible so we can get the dates officially set to give everybody time, since many of our places of employment allow us to put in for vacation near the beginning of the new year. We'll do our best to get everybody down there that we can.

Again, this thread is to gage the interest and see how many of us can attend. Shan will have the final say of course as to when we go down, but this will give us a good starting point to go by

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WOS hit the gap this same week last year for a's right after the holiday and NO clubs down there. Meaning....minimal traffic and excellent riding. Hell, we rode one of the roads in the area for something like 40 or 50 miles without even seeing anyone. This is definitely a great week to go, no doubt about it. As for schedule when out there...we'll have a plan in place due to our experience from last year but there are so many roads out there....we have more to discover and conquer. Twisty, I've been looking around and can't seem to beat that deal on a house (your hotel deal). Might be the best bet. As for distance to the Gap from Twisty's hotel.....maybe 10 minutes or something in that ballpark. Not bad at all.
Gas Man said:
Oh hell yeah... and N4S heck ya Pippi is going... now all we have to do is talk her into do a little dancin... :whistle: :lol:
Oh boy. Gas Man just picked a fight with Twisty. This should get good. :dthumb:
twisty said:
I thought I would share "DA Whip" with everybody. It is one of the tightest turns on the gap. It claimed a few bikes while we were there. It starts out as a nice looking turn but tightens up so fast it puts alot of people on their head. I think every week I will give hints on how to ride the gap and maybe i could get my own tread.... :wink:
I heard of "the whip"!!! I heard it's tough and if you go into it too quick you could be in trouble for that exact tightens up!!!! JUST STUFF I'VE HEARD!!!
I guess I have to give props to myself..........the pics Twisty is posting were taken by ME. ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!!!!!

OK, enough stoking myself!!
twisty said:
Yeah why were you taking them in the 1st place?
OUCH. YOU S.O.B!!!! You know why and then you have to go bring it up on here and let everyone know I wasn't riding. OK. So, here's my story from last year. The night before the Gap trip, I feel mono coming on (yes, had it before), sure enough, it hits on the way down. So, day 1 comes up and I feel like hell so I go to the clinic and the physicians assistant (very good looking I might add), was very nice and I was able to talk her into shooting me up with steriods so I could get some riding it. So, I got two days of riding in and day 2 was a really long day and put me over the edge so after that I was done. Could barely get out of bed but decided to make a trip in the cage out to the dragon to take some pics.
It's really too bad what's going on here. What I see happening is a bunch of people being afraid they can't hang with WOS!!! I understand but seriously, don't feel that way. We'd love to have you! LOL
I'm just playin' around.
GSXR750DJ said:
Don't make me come down to the Gap and show you how to ride it and then do it again on your bike. :lol: :willy:
BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!
Gas Man said:
Jeeps, as Twisty said partly, everybody is welcome to come. It's not like we actually own the road or anything... :lol: I would like to see as many TWF guys as possible!
We'll have all types of riders. There will be your arse kickers up front, a group in the middle, and then the slowers in the back. Point is, we're all there to have fun. Plus, it's awesome out there and we'll ride for a bit and then stop and let everyone catch up. Sometimes we just wait until all catch up and are accounted for and then ride on, sometimes we stop for a break. I wouldn't worry about it at all. Join us...even if only for a day or two.
3BoyzNaBike said:
:lol: Please video this for me! I gotta see DJ bringing it on! Just take it easy on him... I may need him! :rofl:
I'll make sure he comes home in one piece!!!
Need4Speed750 said:
if anybody is gonna police DJ, its me..this way I can use it for blackmail later on... :redevil:
I'll make sure I give you the video so you can use it downt the road for blackmail!
WildMonkey said:
Hello to Everyone :seeya:
I think I will be able to get over to the tail for a couple of days while everyone is there, just not sure which days ! Maybe a "Courtesy Desk" type person could be designated to hang out at the Deals Gap store so those of us that don't have a definite date of arrival can still be able to link up with the group ? I can see a little table with a sign welcoming all TWF members !!!!! Something to think about ? Maybe some of our "Hot" "Bab-A-Licious" ladies would like to volunteer for this duty ?

Dude....better get it planned before you get there because I don't think you'll find anyone to sit at a table anywhere around there with all that riding to be done.
Pippi said:
I'd volunteer....but I'll be excersing the power of the 1K between my legs all over the Gap, skyway and parkway....catch me if you can! :here: I CANT WAI!!! :dthumb:
"I'll be excersising the power of the 1K between my legs all over the Gap" God Pippi....if you didn't just open up a whole door of possible comments in here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :flush:
Rumor has it....Highway 119 heading out of Harbor Springs north up along Lake Michigan is awesome. This I've been told by someone who's an avid rider. Just said weekend traffic sucks because it over looks the lake in many locations but it's smooth and twisty. Haven't seen it myself but this is what I've heard.
twisty said:
The thing with that is harbor springs is 5 hours away, 2 more hours and I could be riding the Dragon.
4 hours beyatch!!!!!!!! Had to correct you on that!!!

I know what you're saying. I'm looking at it from a standpoint of riding somewhere different.
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