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Now that we've had a chance to run our EXO-700 through the ringer, we figured it's probably time we start protecting it a bit. We had been using the soft drawstring bag that our EXO-700 came with, but when you're jostling gear around in the back of the truck, the bag only protects your investment so much.

So, still absent of major gouges and marks we decided it was time for some protection before we DO get a Grand Canyon sized blemish. What better to protect our Scorpion helmet than the Scorpion RaceCase™?

Scorpion RaceCase™ in red trim

Though it's designed for the Scorpion helmet line, this case will protect most street helmets. You can get it in red trim, black or silver trim, but the features are the same. We were able to fit several brands of helmets without a problem. There are "auto-fit" straps, inside, that will stretch to adapt a snug fit to whatever helmet manufacturer you support.

The case does boast ventilation holes. After you've sweat through your Scorpion zebra liners and the KwikWick™ material is calling for a truce, you can feel comfortable knowing your helmet won't become a petri dish for penicillin spores. We can't guarantee the smell won't knock you over, but we digress.

Now it's just showing off! The Scorpion RaceCase™ in silver trim with spare shield pocket shown

The construction is top-notch, with a heavy-duty "self-healing" nylon zipper. There is an external pocket to hold an extra face shield. Inside you'll find a zippered internal pocket to carry the money you'll save by protecting your helmet. Scorpion added a soft carrying handle at the front and grommets at the rear, so you can stand the RaceCase™ up like a piece of luggage. In fact, that's what the RaceCase™ reminded us of: a piece of luggage. The "Bio-foam" is premolded and strong. It should be able to withstand the recklessness of any disgruntled baggage handler at your local airport; though we'd still use it as a carry-on.

MSRP is $39.95. The RaceCase should be your next purchase, particularly if you tool around in an expensive custom or signature helmet. We call it cheap insurance.

Visit Scorpion online at

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