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Undertail Hidden Exhaust...

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Anybody seen these, or use them currently at all. Talk about cleaning up the tail of ur bike! :eek:

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bumblebee said:
That just seems like it could get very hot. I have a friend here with an R1 and he says his tail gets hot.
Saw one running around town on an R1. Bike was totally yellow; rims, plastic, undertail, screen, the only thing colored was the black frame and the plate. Looked sweet, but don't be surpised if you have to mutilate your under tray and absorb all of your underseat storage to install it. The R1's and Honda RR's come stock with undertail exhaust so they have already installed extra heatshields and made allowances for storage elsewhere like the. But your 750 will need to move the exhaust and you are bound to lose lots of limited storage space around the undertail.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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