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Unmarked ZX6R

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Ok so im the newb, and you all know im not green anymore. I stopped by yesterday and the paint is looking AMAZING!! So while sitting here going crazy I ordered an ignition advance kit and a race shift kit. Im thinking about getting a jet kit and once im done getting it dyno tuned. Also I figure I will be having some pics to come and im sure you all want to see them. So let me know if you know of any other sweet fairly cheep upgrades its an '02 so let it rip.
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OK this is going to be really dumb I searched for where to upload my pics BUT I didnt find it. So I can give the link to where they are put I cant permantly put them up on the page. So if you could tell me how to load them to the site that would be sweet. Well here the link to my bike also on the main page of it all my cars and jeep and junk.,del%3as,1%3af,0
Ha... man why am I good at just stumping people. I need somewhere to load my pics so that I can post them on the thread. I cant do that with yahoo, it says they arnt they or I dont have the right to copy the image.
Ok thanks, I got some on the way then. So it should be out of paint by like thursday.
OK so here are just a couple of the work on the frame. It was a little dark once I got to a stopping point and the camera just doesnt do it justice.

There ya go!
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Ok so we got the everything laid out. I know its not like the plan, but with the new shark skinz it didnt line up right. So we switched it up a little bit and went a bit more drastic with the tail piece.

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Well the base is jet black and the flames are a pearl custom green from House of Kolor and it is going to have a sliver pin stripe to brake the transition from the black to green. So its painted and getting the clear coat tomorrow, so i should have buffed pics up by saturday for sure! Im getting So antsy, then I get to take it back home for a 4 day weeknd, and ride with all my buds.
Well that was the plan. Plus I didnt drop all this cash to have an ugly bike. I was making money before I bought this bike.... Ha no longer, anyone know a place that sells Ivans carb kits for a '06 6R becuase i went to the site and it looks like you cant order from them and it has to be a dealer. So if anyone knows of one in the Tulsa area or where ever I can pay for shipping, that would be GREAT! Or if anyone thinks Ivans or Factory 1.7 Iv herd they are both good, factory a little better but its like 200+ bucks and the Ivan is like 120.
Ok so im putting everything back together sorry for not having pics my friend has my digi. Anyway I installed the shift kit, it wasnt hard and im not a dummie but it isnt going into second gear. I havent started it yet and I dont have any oil back in it. I could just be wrong but its not going... I dont want to fill the oil up an start it just to figure out I have to drain it again, cuz the **** is $10 a quart.. So please let me know, it goes into 1st and neutural like a champ and very nice sounding, but just doesnt fully engauge into second.
Thanks a ton, luckliy I have a buddy with an '01 6R and his wouldnt go into 2nd so I figured it was norm. But anyway its done and Ill have the pics up tomorrow. My buddy still has my damn digi So im sorry to keep you waiting!! it looks amazing !!
OK OK you greedy heathans!! Well here they are AS soon as the mods approve of my naked bike poses.. So anyway Im off to Illinois for a 4 day weeknd of riding! you all take it easy and Im sure Ill have more pics for when I come back.
Ah ok well I duno what the file name if going to be but they will be in my profile if someone wants to post them up.
Ok so whats everyone think?? Yay nay... Comments suggestions. As for now the goal is to get the rims painted black... Dunno if Im going to polish the outside rim or not. Other than that i need to get a new set of tires, I rode a friend of mines R6 with race scrubs and they were sweet. Any suggestions as to a good yet not terribly expensive set, street or race either way.
I was thinking of doing that. The thing is in the sun the green on the wheels doesnt quite match the paint on the flames. Its the Kaw green Vs Lime time pearl green. They are close but I notice it. But i probably will polish them. As for the shift kit, that is super slick I havent missed or got stuck between a gear once! and the ignition advance kit was also well worth the money!!
But thats also the point. I get drawn to detail. and I built the bike for myself, so even if no one sees it I do and it drives me crazy every time. I dunno im quirky, and very picky. I take alot of pride in my work. My camaro is the same way.
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