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Unmarked ZX6R

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Ok so im the newb, and you all know im not green anymore. I stopped by yesterday and the paint is looking AMAZING!! So while sitting here going crazy I ordered an ignition advance kit and a race shift kit. Im thinking about getting a jet kit and once im done getting it dyno tuned. Also I figure I will be having some pics to come and im sure you all want to see them. So let me know if you know of any other sweet fairly cheep upgrades its an '02 so let it rip.
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I'm confused... what's up now?
I don't think yahoo lets you do it that way... I tried as well...:tt:
Plus lets see that car too!!
marko138 said:
I think that sucker looks sick man. Maybe polish the outter edge of the wheels and leave the centers green. :dthumb: :twfrox:
That's what I'm thinkin!!
1 - 5 of 43 Posts
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