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Unmarked ZX6R

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Ok so im the newb, and you all know im not green anymore. I stopped by yesterday and the paint is looking AMAZING!! So while sitting here going crazy I ordered an ignition advance kit and a race shift kit. Im thinking about getting a jet kit and once im done getting it dyno tuned. Also I figure I will be having some pics to come and im sure you all want to see them. So let me know if you know of any other sweet fairly cheep upgrades its an '02 so let it rip.
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Get some pics of what you have now. I can't wait to see the paint though.
He's trying to U/L his photos on here and he doesn't know how.
GearGrabinGuy said:
Ha... man why am I good at just stumping people. I need somewhere to load my pics so that I can post them on the thread. I cant do that with yahoo, it says they arnt they or I dont have the right to copy the image.
You gotta upload them in the gallery like Jeeps said. It takes about a day for the mods to approve the photos, then you can put 'em in the thread.
GearGrabinGuy said:
Ok thanks, I got some on the way then. So it should be out of paint by like thursday.
Sweet and sweet.
jeeps84 said:
Cant wait to see it all in one piece.
1 - 6 of 43 Posts
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