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Up-Grade I want to do

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I am going to keep my 2000 GSXR750 and just make it faster. One of the first items I am looking at doing is a K&N Power Commander. I already have K&N air filter, Full Yosh Stainless exhaust. A few more mods but nothing that helps towards it going faster.

Has anyone used or is using one and what do you think of it? I am going to do it over the winter season and have it all done by the time riding season comes around. Also looking to have stage kit 3 put on as well. :)

I figure it will be cheaper then trading it in for a new 1000 and save me a lot of money.
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O my yes we will. And if it doesn't come up closer north, then we will go to it. LOL Lets go for a ride. :)
Thanks Gas Man. I talked to my shop tpday and they can get me the custom map and set it all up for me.

True I was nt looking to get a 1000 engine or bore it out to add power. If I wanted to do that, I would just say the heck with it and but the new bike. But I do thank you for your reply and trying to help.

I am not looking to make it the fastest on the road but I do want to add a few more horses to it. I am getting 136 at the rear tire and looking to take it to 145-150 if possible. :D
Already have the 520 aluminum sprockets and DID chain. But thanks. :)
I did read that one. Now on my bike, I have the Full Yosh Alum. Now with me adding the Commander, how much of a diff is there compared to slip on and full system?? :)
Do you have a link for the Bore kit or price of it??? May think about it for down the road.
3BoyzNaBike said:
Hey DJ, I say the heck with it and just trade in..LOL ........

Trade it in on a new 1000. Now were talking. I can do that. Sure. Thanks for the go ahead. :dthumb:
Need4Speed750 said:
What kinda drugs have u been giving her DJ ?

I think she took the wrong ones. LOL She need to put the crack pipe down and walk away. :D
Need4Speed750 said:
ur never to old man!!

Right on Matt. I know two guys that are in there 60's that ride Busa's. And will till they die.
1 - 9 of 35 Posts
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