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Up-Grade I want to do

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I am going to keep my 2000 GSXR750 and just make it faster. One of the first items I am looking at doing is a K&N Power Commander. I already have K&N air filter, Full Yosh Stainless exhaust. A few more mods but nothing that helps towards it going faster.

Has anyone used or is using one and what do you think of it? I am going to do it over the winter season and have it all done by the time riding season comes around. Also looking to have stage kit 3 put on as well. :)

I figure it will be cheaper then trading it in for a new 1000 and save me a lot of money.
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not sure what chain the 750 comes with but a mod to think about in the future during a chain replacement would be a 520 chain conversion with lighter sprockets, might add some ponies to the rear tire with the rotating weight loss. not a bad investment especially if you have to spend a little over $100 on a new chain anyways. might as well add about another $100 to it to get 520 aluminum sprockets.
here is the upgrade i'm in the process of. I'm putting a automotive fuel pump with regulator and using injectors from a Honda S2000 car. they fit right in :cheers:
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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