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Up-Grade I want to do

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I am going to keep my 2000 GSXR750 and just make it faster. One of the first items I am looking at doing is a K&N Power Commander. I already have K&N air filter, Full Yosh Stainless exhaust. A few more mods but nothing that helps towards it going faster.

Has anyone used or is using one and what do you think of it? I am going to do it over the winter season and have it all done by the time riding season comes around. Also looking to have stage kit 3 put on as well. :)

I figure it will be cheaper then trading it in for a new 1000 and save me a lot of money.
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larryg said:
You'll want to get a custom map to get the most out of the Power Commander. An off-the-shelf map will work OK, but a custom map will be much better.

Hey Larry!! Can you do a custom Map???
larryg said:
I could if I had a dyno...

I am moving into my new shop November 1st and I am hoping to have a dyno next year, we'll see how it goes.

That's what I wanted to see!!! I am going to do some mods to my F4i, but not until the warranty runs out, of course!! Then I plan to see you about new filters for a big gulp of air and then a power commander with custom map for the fuel and a wide open exhaust to "pass the gas" as it were. Keep us posted on the progress at your shop! I'll bring mine from Tally to get it done right!!
beanz said:
what no suspension upgrades?
they do wonders if your pushing your bike to the limits with dialed in stock equipment

I am too old and fat to push my bike to its limits. My poor bumblebee will probably be sway-backed hauling my A$$ around!!
1 - 3 of 35 Posts
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