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neebelung said:
Ok, so I've located the galleries... but I'm still at a loss. Is there a way to create my OWN within the members gallery area, or do they all just get uploaded into a master gallery?
Actually, you cannot create your own categories or albums. If we had that turned on, we'd have 500 "test" galleries and photos all over the place uncategorized; it's a mess.. ask me how I know.

You have to choose one of the existing categories that has been predefined. If we're missing something, I can always add a new category.

Also, is there a way to add image attachments in replies? I thought maybe I had to have 10 posts or something before I could, but I still don't see that option when I reply. *pout*
The first 1000 members of this site can, but anyone who signed up after that, cannot attach images within posts unless you participate in the Supporting member program, like Jeeps. :)

And lastly.... ocne I DO add images/create my own gallery, will the link automatically appear on my little mini-profile when I post?
Once you upload images, yes. You may upload up to three per day, unless you participate in the Supporting member program.

Everyone has has their own personal "gallery", which is simply a collection of all of the photos you uploaded regardless what category they were uploaded to. This is not the same as an album, the ability to create personal albums is not turned on.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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