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I guess Speed knows what it's doing by replacing Motorcycles with Nascar...

USGP Ratings Are In
seven nascar shows got more viewers
by staff
Monday, July 18, 2005
Our sources at Speed leaked us the Nielsen ratings for the USGP and other Speed programming that ran the same day the USGP was telecast—live mind you.

This data suggests that the USGP was the eighth most-watched show on the network that day.

Essentially, the NASCAR truck race pulled in nearly three times as many viewers that the USGP did on Speed.

Program/Nielsen rating/households

USGP/MotoGP race telecast: .29 = 186,000 households

NCTS race telecast (Nascar trucks) .74 = 477,000 households

Nascar Live (1:00 PM) .62 398,000 households

Nascar Beyond The Wheel .55 = 353,000 households

Nextel Cup Final Practice .47 = 304,000

Nascar Live (7:30 PM) .47 = 304,000 households

Nascar World of Outlaws .32 = 207,000 households

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I heard a rumour that there were no 125's or 250's at Laguna Seca :yikes: . If this is true, why not?? Did any of you watch the races from Donington. De'Puniet, West and Stoner put on a show second to none. Commentators saying it was the best 250 race they'd ever seen, more like a 125 race! :dthumb:

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