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Vanson leathers cost worth it

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Advantage Vanson leathers you are buying leathers that will last lifetime :cheers:
When you purchase Vanson, Vanson will repair crash damage or any other problems. If you get bigger or smaller you just send leathers back for resize :dthumb:
Just try that with Joe Rocket :lol:
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jeeps84 said:
Very nice leathers. :dthumb:
Maybe one day I will get away from the great deals I get on my Alpinestars and get those. :tt:
Vanson has some great clearance sales if you go to their website ;)
Gas Man said: got a link for the "deals"? get on their e-mail list :dthumb: Few times a year they send out clearance e-mails.
Right now they have internet open house on website good until 11-20-05 $100 off jackets.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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