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Ventro MCs! Beyond cheap new bikes...

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USA Ventro Motorcycles

A new bike for $3! :yikes:

Small motors but still... that is just crazy. Might be another way for somebody to get some riding time in prior to buying a newer sportbike. Especially with the new 600's coming out of the box so fast...

Ever heard anything about these?
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I don't know they seem obsolutely rediculous! But a funny laugh for some...
jeeps84 said:
I've tried to search for the thread with no luck. I remember they sold dirt bikes and were bringing in street bikes like these. I'm still not sure if they are the same.
bottom ATV or off road...
Who said anything about a dealer here? I don't get it... I posted the thread... :scratch:
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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