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Vespa on the eway

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Saw a Vespa on I696 a couple of days ago - is that even legal? I don't think so. I think he went from Hilton to Woodward - kind of like the far right lane exit lane for like 1/4 mile - still I was cruising on the R6 around 85 or so and looked over and saw the gay looking fellow on a powder blue vespa on the freeway - he was wearing a full face helmet, shorts, t-shirt, etc. - I was like WTF? lol...
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On 696?!?!? :yikes:

That is nuts! :crazy: :screwy:

For those that don't know 696 in Michigan is called the Michigan Autobahn. Speed limit 65 and EVERYBODY does like crap!
I'd pimp that at a hot bike night... all the chicks would line up! :lol: :gary:
Come on us pics of yours!
Mudpuppy said:
didn't have a chance he was on and off too quick... i was 4+ lanes over exceeding the speed limit.. evasive navy seals manuevers would not have even worked... tried using the navy seals signals but to no avail.. brief moment of amazement followed by triple digit riding..
Yeah sounds like a standard day on 696!
I'll take one of each if somebody else is buying!
You are very right... in Michigan they must be over 125cc's I believe!
rworkman98 said:
And you evidently like to call Corvettes a POS. What car do you drive?
Don't worry MP drives a Mercury Mistique... :tt: this...

Even tan like this one! And with the snow it just might be his!
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1 - 8 of 39 Posts
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