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Vespa on the eway

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Saw a Vespa on I696 a couple of days ago - is that even legal? I don't think so. I think he went from Hilton to Woodward - kind of like the far right lane exit lane for like 1/4 mile - still I was cruising on the R6 around 85 or so and looked over and saw the gay looking fellow on a powder blue vespa on the freeway - he was wearing a full face helmet, shorts, t-shirt, etc. - I was like WTF? lol...
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didn't have a chance he was on and off too quick... i was 4+ lanes over exceeding the speed limit.. evasive navy seals manuevers would not have even worked... tried using the navy seals signals but to no avail.. brief moment of amazement followed by triple digit riding..
if you doing under triple digits on 696 you are going too slow.. funny thing was everywhere I went that day choppers wanted to race me.. so being bored with them and their 26hp i let them "get away" for a second and slow down to like 60 and then once they were waving victory i dropped a couple of gears and buzzed past them about 130 or so as close as possible.. lol..
my favorite is pulling up next to a vette at a light and saying hey how much was that vette? $50k? Wow. That's cool. This bike was $5k and leaving them sitting in my dust as I wheelie off into the distance going 0-60 in 2.6.. lol..
jeeps84 said:
You would be hard pressed to stay with a vettte once you both got rolling + you get wet when it rains.
oh really? what at about 150? the R6 will do 172 what will a stock vette do? 150? 155? so what if i get wet when it rains - don't have to pay the big insurance premium either - how many vette owners can say they pay $24 a month for full coverage?
vettes are a joke.. you couldn't pay me to own one.. that is the flagship of Chevy? Tells you alot about Chevy.. Try a Ford GT.. Now there is a real car to brag about not some overpriced underpowered piece of garbage like a vette.. Darn I will have to stick with my R6.. whatever.. another case of losers without a clue - you fuggers should start a support group there is enough of you.. :spam: :sorry: :welcome: :luck:
jeeps84 said:
The Vette can compete with the GT for 1/2 the price.
Yea sure most SB are faster for 1/3 the price but, its a whole nother game anyway.
compete on what level? not even CLOSE.. but hey vettes have cured many a middle aged crisis i am sure.. whatever.. i hate vettes..
Mighty proud of you - glad you love your pos vette so much.. Here is some stats on a real car, oh and please note the 550hp:

Ford GT

Wheel Base (in): 106.7
Overall Length (in): 182.8
Overall Height at curb (in): 44.3
Overall Width (in): 76.9
Front Track (in): 63
Rear Track (in): 63.7
Weight Distribution (ft/rear): 43/57
Overall Shadow (sq ft): 96.8
Approach Angle (deg): 9.2
Departure Angle (deg): 14.0

Seating Capacity: 2
Leg Room (in): 44.6
Head Room (in): 35.4
Shoulder Room (in): 57.7
Hip Room: 57.8
Passenger Volume (cu ft): 52.8
Interior Volume Index(cu ft): 54.4

Engine Type: DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder, supercharged V-8
Engine Displacement (L): 5.4
Bore/Stroke (mm): 90.2x105.8
Displacement (cu in/cc): 330/5409
Compression Ratio (in/mm): 8.4:1
Material: Aluminum block
Horsepower @ RPM: [email protected],500
Torque @ RPM (lb ft): [email protected],750
Horsepower Specific Output (hp/liter): 101.9
Torque Specific Output (lb ft/liter): 92.6
Recommended Fuel: 91 octane (premium)
Fuel System: Sequential multi-port electronic fuel injection -(SEFI) with dual injectors per cylinder
Oil Capacity with Filter (quarts): 12
Usable Fuel Capacity (gal): 17.5

Type 6-speed manual
Gear Ratios 1 - 2.61
2 - 1.71
3 - 1.23
4 - 0.94
5 - 0.77
6 - 0.63
Reverse - 3.135
Final Drive Ratio 3.36:1
Gear Synchronization 1 - Triple
2 - Triple
3 - Triple
4 - Triple
5 - Double
6 - Double
Drivetrain Layout Mid-engine, Rear-wheel drive
Front Suspension Double Wishbone
Rear Suspension Double Wishbone
Steering Type Rack-and-Pinion
Steering Ratio 17:1
Turns Lock-to-Lock 2.7
Turning Circle (Curb-to-Curb) 40 ft.
Brake System Vacuum Power Assist
Front Brakes (in) 14.0
Rear Brakes (in) 13.2

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